Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design Every Designer Must Consider

Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design Every Designer Must Consider

Designing a website can be an intricate procedure. It takes a lot of expertise and proficient knowledge of web design principles. To put it differently, website design is indeed a tricky subject and a designer must be aware of the current trends and other nitty-gritty of designs so that they can come up with a robust, professional-looking and aesthetically appealing design. Here we have rounded up a list of all the web design Do’s and Don’ts that must be taken into account prior going for the designing process.


Keep the Web Design Responsive

Responsive web design has become a must in today’s web design principles. In present times, visitors are not just coming from the desktop devices, instead, they are visiting your website from a variety of devices. Therefore, you should make sure that they all are having same user experience regardless of the device they are using.

Laid- Back Navigation

Your navigation is just like the cornerstone of your website, it decides whether your website is easy to use or is it too complicated to be comprehended by the visitor. Your user must be able to find the way around it and you are the one to take care of making navigation as clear and consistent as possible. To emphasize, navigation is considered as the make or break feature for your website, it should be designed with a purpose to make usability easier otherwise the user will get lost in the maze.

Easy Page Scanning

Visual hierarchy plays a crucial role in web design. You must make sure that your website is easy to scan. Visitors prefer to scan your web pages in a Z scanning pattern so keep your web design and content accordingly. Keep the important stuff such as search bar, screen titles and navigation bar on the focal point so that your visitor does not need to wander around the pages to find out the required option.

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Longer Loading Time

Visitors loathe when they have to wait for more than 5 seconds on page loading. According to recent studies visitors have short attention spans they tend to get frustrated when a page keeps them on waiting for a longer time. No matter how beautiful your website is, visitors will be irritated if you hold them on loading and they will leave your site without giving a second thought.

Internal Link in a New Tab

Users get frustrated when they click on a link and it gets transferred to the new window. It makes back button disabled and does not allow the user to come back to the previous page easily, thus it affects the user experience. Make sure that your website is not directly the links to a new window so that you can keep visitors hooked on your website.

Too Many Promotions

We understand that for some websites advertisement is the major source to earn. Still, you should not allow the advertisements in abundance. Your ads can overshadow your website so bear this in mind and try to place your promotions strategically so that it won’t appear disturbing to the visitors.

Web designing is not merely about putting some elements here and there and you are all done, rather you must be having the all the technicalities and psychological factors in mind. Only then you would be able to layout a design that is appealing to the visitors. Before getting into the design process, take these dos and don’ts into consideration so that you can come up with an attractive yes effective web design.